Trey’s Conservative Plan:

  • Insist on Election Integrity
  • Save Girls’ Athletics
  • Stand Up for Parent’s Rights
  • Protect the Unborn
  • Fight for the 2nd Amendment
  • Lower Taxes & Smaller Government

The Trey Kelley Record:

  • Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2021
    It is now legal for a “lawful weapons carrier” to carry a concealed handgun everywhere license holders currently are allowed. Protecting and supporting your 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear arms. 
  • Protect Students First Act
    Legislation bans teaching of divisive issues in our schools.  That measure would prohibit local school boards and administrators from ​discriminating “on the basis of race” by promoting or encouraging nine “divisive concepts.”  Keeping our children first and protecting parents’ rights. 
  • Save Girls’ Sports
    Legislation bans transgender athletes from high school sports with an amendment that gives the Georgia High School Athletic Association the authority to create policies surrounding transgender girls’ participation in athletics.
  • Parent Bill of Rights
    Legislation puts into one law a number of parental rights, including securing parents’ right to review all classroom materials.  This bill empowers parents and protects of the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children from undue infringement by a state or local government entity. 
  • Unmask Georgia Students Act
    This bill allows parents to opt their child out of school district mask policies, essentially rendering mask mandates within classrooms not enforceable.
  • Banning Vaccine Mandates
    This bill prevents state agencies and local governments from requiring COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Income Tax Cut
    Cutting the State Income tax from 5.75% and 4.99% rate over a number of years, keeping current deductions.  This tax cut could be worth more than $1 billion in savings for Georgia taxpayers, and includes a $5,000 raise for state workers and University System of Georgia employees, and a $2,000 bonus for full-time K-12 public school teachers and staff members.  It also includes income tax refunds including $250 to single filers, $375 to single adults who head a household with dependents and $500 to married couples filing jointly.
  • Gas Tax Suspension
    The bill suspends the state’s motor fuel taxes through May 31, including 29. cents per gallon for gasoline and 32.6 cents per gallon for diesel.